How to book your very own picnic site

Publish Date : 29 Sep 2016
How to book your very own picnic site

Nothing spells summer like a good old-fashioned picnic or barbecue in the sunshine.

But did you know several of Auckland’s regional parks have picnic sites that you can book? Many of the sites have barbecue facilities, as well as picnic tables, space for games, and drinking water.

Booking a site gives you exclusive use of these facilities for the time stated.

Hāngi site available

At Ōkoromai Bay in Shakespear Regional Park, there’s even a hāngi site that will cater for up to 100 people.

How to book a picnic site

If you’re planning a get-together and want to book a site, it’s easy.

Find out how to book a site here, or call 09 366 2000.

You can also book in person at the Central Customer Service Centre in Bledisloe Lane (off Wellesley Street opposite Elliott Street).

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