Logo to guide motorists on Western Ring Route

Publish Date : 03 Nov 2016
Logo to guide motorists on Western Ring Route
The new Western Ring Route logo will help keep drivers on the right track.

The New Zealand Transport Agency has developed a logo and direction signs to help guide motorists on the Western Ring Route in Auckland.

The opening of the Waterview tunnel and a new section of State Highway 20 next year will also mark the completion of a key project on the Western Ring Route, an additional route to use instead of State Highway 1. It links Manukau, central Auckland, west Auckland and the North Shore.

Direct connection

The Western Ring Route will give drivers a direct motorway to motorway connection from Manukau to west Auckland and the North Shore, helping them to skirt around the city.

The route involves several motorways, including State Highway 16, 20 and 18, and connects at either end with State Highway 1, so the new logo will help motorists easily stay on the Western Ring Route.

There are also changes to some of the motorway exit numbers and to destination names and locations along the route.

These changes are designed to help people who are less familiar with the route to navigate.

Airport routes signposted

The routes to Auckland International Airport will also be better signposted, and key tourist routes including the Twin Coast Discovery, Pacific Coast Highway and the Thermal Explorer will be signposted from the airport to help visitors find and travel these key routes.

The Waterview tunnel and State Highway 20 extension, known as the Waterview Connection, is due to open next year and will be a important link in the Western Ring Route.

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