Shared path to connect Avondale and New Lynn

Publish Date : 31 Oct 2016
Shared path to connect Avondale and New Lynn
A concept image of the Whau River bridge.

A new shared path between Avondale and New Lynn will offer a great way to walk and cycle between the two town centres.

Following a tranquil green route in the heart of suburbia, the combined walking and cycle path will follow the rail corridor for most of its distance.

Link to other paths

It will link to other walking and cycling paths, including the Waterview Shared Path and Te Whau Pathway (both under construction).

The path will cross the Whau River using a new bridge that will be built alongside the existing rail bridge.

Bridge references cultural symbols

The new bridge is being funded by Whau Local Board. The bridge’s design makes reference to cultural imagery associated with the area.

It is being developed by Māori artist Reuben Kirkwood in association with local iwi Te Kawerau-a-Maki.

The designs reflect the area’s history of waka-building and as a portage route between the two harbours.

Work on the path is expected to begin at the start of next year.

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