Stay safe on your summer tramping adventures

Publish Date : 14 Dec 2016
Hillary Trail

Before setting out on a tramp, make sure you have the right equipment. Even though this is Auckland, it has been known to snow on top of the Hunua Ranges!

  • Carry an up-to-date map, food, water, jacket and warm hat, even in summer. Depending on the length of the trip, you should also consider including a hooded raincoat, over-pants, hat and gloves, warm and fast-drying tops, trousers and shorts, and thermal underwear made from wool or polypropylene.
  • Many tracks require good footwear or tramping boots, and you should expect to get muddy on most tramping tracks and routes.
  • Tell someone your plans - return date and time, planned route, party member names and vehicle details - and do not forget to check in when you return. The Mountain Safety Council has a form you can print and give to your trusted contact, or you can fill it out online and send it to them.
  • Get advice from a reliable source such as the Arataki Visitor Centre.
  • Do not rely on your mobile phone. In some parks mobile coverage is patchy or your battery might go flat.
  • Stay on marked tracks.
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