Auckland Transport adds 20 electric vehicles to its fleet

Publish Date : 26 Jan 2018
AT adds 20 electric vehicles to its fleet

Auckland Transport (AT) has joined the EV revolution by adding 20 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Vehicles (EVs) to its fleet.

This is the single largest EV purchase as part of the Government procurement programme. The cost of the cars and the charging infrastructure is just under $1.2m.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says Auckland and New Zealand must play our part in tackling climate change and lead by example.

"It sends a clear signal that our city is serious about reducing emissions and protecting our environment," he says.

Transport accounts for 40 per cent of our city's emissions. The purchase of 20 EVs will help reduce emissions from AT's current fleet by 11 per cent (65,662kgCO2). Auckland Transport is also trialing two electric buses on inner city routes from March.

"Climate change is a defining issue of our time and setting ambitious zero-emission targets is the only way we will make a serious impact on reducing our carbon emissions and contributing to the Paris Accord of 2015," Phil Goff says.

Auckland Transport Chief Financial Officer Richard Morris says this is a great investment for AT. "Adding 20 EVs to our fleet enables AT to start its journey towards a zero emission fleet. It also shows leadership with AT being a catalyst for change when it comes to sustainable transport options."

The Auckland Plan aims to halve emissions by 2050. AT's own sustainability framework goes even further with the aim of having an emissions-free fleet from 2025.

The electric vehicles

Hyundai Ioniqs are part of the new faster, stronger EV generation with a range of more than 200km. The fully electric car has a lithium-ion battery pack that takes around four and a half hours to fully charge or an 85 percent fast-charge option taking 25 minutes.

In addition to the 20 EVs in its fleet, AT is already working in partnership with the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA), to support and encourage the further uptake of EVs across Auckland.

This includes installing 60 electric charging points in AT's off-street car parks, prioritising parking and infrastructure for EVs in parking buildings, working with Auckland Council on parking and infrastructure for EVs in new developments and trialing two smart poles, which charge electric vehicles.

As well as electric vehicles AT is replacing all of the region's old high pressure sodium streetlights with energy efficient LEDs. Once complete by 2025, the 110,000 LED streetlights will save $32 million over their 20-year lifespan.

Watch Auckland Mayor Phil Goff talking about the EV purchase

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