Clarity on Auckland Transport's draft RLTP

The draft RLTP will be open for public feedback

Last Updated : 26 Jan 2018

On 1 February the directors of Auckland Transport will consider the first draft of the Regional Land Transport Plan. The agenda and draft document is available at

The draft plan will be subject to further deliberation and debate by Auckland Council's Governing Body before being released for formal public consultation. The final document will be informed by these discussions as well as the soon to be released Government Policy Statement on transport.

It must be stressed that this is very much the first draft with baseline numbers which will be subject to change, as mentioned above.

Already there has been some public commentary around the proposed cycling programme. For clarity, the reference to cycling on page 48 of the draft document reflects the completion of major investment in the previous Long Term Plan.

This $64.9 million was co-funded by the Government by the Urban Cycleway Fund. Beyond 2018/2019 the $6.5 million per annum sum reflects a base level prior to any Council or Government decision to invest further – it is not a recommended programme as has been suggested.

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