Focus on Auckland's growth: Drury

Publish Date : 26 Jan 2018
Focus on Drury
Auckland Council is working with the central government and developers to ensure that Drury becomes a thriving centre.

As Auckland grows and new communities are established it’s important to plan for the development of housing, transport and infrastructure.

One area expected to grow rapidly is Drury, in south Auckland. The council is working with Auckland Transport (AT), the central government and private developers to ensure that it becomes a vibrant and accessible community.

“Together we are building a great Auckland,” says Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore.

“All of this has been made possible through central and local government agencies working closely with the private sector to ensure that Drury has the infrastructure in place ready for growth.”  

Planning and preparation

Auckland Council is developing a structure plan for Drury that will enable up to 50,000 people to live in the area. The structure plan area is about 1907ha, and includes Opaheke, Drury and Drury West.

More than 5000 jobs will be created in 180ha of industrial-zoned land owned by the Stevenson Group. Kiwi Property, known for developments like LynnMall and Sylvia Park, has bought 51ha of land in Drury to create a town centre.

What is a structure plan?

Structure plans guide urban development in different areas. They are high-level plans that show how land can be urbanised, and how different types of land (town centres, business areas, parks, etc) and infrastructure are organised.


The Auranga development on Bremner and Jesmond roads will create 1350 dwellings, and there is a private plan change underway to double that figure. The development will have stand-alone, terraced and semi-detached dwellings, and will include affordable housing.


The NZTA is upgrading SH1 from Manukau to Papakura and AT has a programme of works to increase passenger rail options.

Rail electrification from Papakura to Pukekohe will take place between 2018 and 2028 and the Pukekohe Expressway is planned for 2028-2038. Cycleways and shared paths will also be developed.

Amenities and utilities

An estimated $10 million will be invested in Drury wastewater and water infrastructure, including in a reticulation station, pumping stations and sewers. Urban development will incorporate water-sensitive design measures like rain gardens and tanks to help manage stormwater.

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