Auckland Transport Board considers Regional Land Transport Programme

Publish Date : 18 Jun 2018

On Wednesday 20 June the Board of Auckland Transport will consider the Regional Land Transport Programme (RLTP).

Some 18,000 groups and individuals submitted on the draft RLTP, which is a requirement under legislation. The RLTP sets transport priorities and budgets for the next decade and beyond.

AT chairman Dr Lester Levy says for the first time the draft RLTP outlines priorities where Auckland Council, the Government and Auckland Transport are fully aligned.

It received strong support through a public consultation process undertaken in May and provides a pathway for transforming the region.

Submitters were asked for their feedback on specific challenges identified in the draft RLTP, which were:

  • Safety

  • Congestion

  • Decreases in accessibility

  • Impact on the environment

  • Supporting growth in the region

The majority of submitters agreed with the draft RLTP's identification of key transport challenges, as shown below.

Do you think we have correctly identified the most important transport challenges facing Auckland?

Auckland Transport Board considers Regional Land Transport Programme

The draft RLTP consultation also sought feedback on the level of support for specific areas of work, to inform the prioritisation of funding. Overall, there was a high level of support, over 80%, for investment in the areas listed in the draft RLTP.

Auckland Transport Board considers Regional Land Transport Programme (1)

The draft document to be considered by the board also outlines the timing of capital work over the next 10 years. The capital programme has been planned to take account of projects which have already been committed to, such as City Rail Link, funding availability, and, most importantly, the consultation feedback.

Dr Levy also acknowledges the positive engagement with Local Boards through the development of the draft RLTP. Through the consultation process, Local Boards emphasised the sheer scale and speed of population growth, and the need to think differently because new challenges cannot be met by old thinking.

"On that point we [Auckland Transport] couldn't agree more," Dr Levy says.

A copy of the RLTP to be considered at a special Board meeting on Wednesday is available on the AT meetings and minutes website.

The RLTP is still subject to funding confirmation through the Council's Long Term Plan budget process and the finalisation of Regional Fuel Tax legislation.

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