This is the park that Sandringham built

Publish Date : 13 Jun 2018
Sandringham Reserve

We’re working together with communities to ensure local projects suit their needs.

The redevelopment of Sandringham Reserve was one of the first projects to trial the concept, which is known as the Empowered Communities Approach (ECA).

Albert-Eden Local Board was aware of community interest in helping to shape the redevelopment of Sandringham Reserve (which was due for an upgrade in 2016) and championed the project to showcase the ECA in action.

“This community really knew what they wanted – they didn’t need a lot of advice so the main thing we did was listen,” said Albert-Eden Local Board Chair Peter Haynes.

“People are really enjoying it, it’s unique, it’s part of Sandringham – it’s what makes Sandringham so special.

“Working together with Aucklanders will make us get it right for everyone. It’ll ensure we provide the best value in everything we do – from the important daily work of running our city to the big projects that shape our region.”

Sandringham locals set up a community group known as SPiCE to develop a plan for the reserve redevelopment and through successful engagement with the local community also developed a new plan for the town centre.

Funding from the local board helped SPiCE connect with the community (via events, interviews, surveys and online) to collect and prioritise current and future aspirations for Sandringham.

Empowered Communities Approach

ECA is about council and local boards supporting local communities to develop solutions to issues in their own areas that better suit their needs. By doing this, we hope communities become more connected, resilient and inclusive – because together we’re Auckland. Learn more about ECA

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