Wastewater bylaws: Consultation open

Publish Date : 01 Aug 2018
Consultation open to revoke legacy on-site wastewater bylaws

Auckland Council is proposing to revoke four legacy bylaws relating to the regulation of on-site wastewater management. These bylaws were created by former district councils to ensure that septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems are properly installed and maintained.

They cover the former areas of North Shore City, Waiheke, Papakura and Rodney District councils.

“These legacy bylaws have become redundant as the Auckland Unitary Plan is now operative, and regulates on-site wastewater systems across the whole region," says Regulatory Committee and Hearings Panel Chair Linda Cooper.

“The Auckland Unitary Plan and legislation such as the Health Act and Building Act also provide stronger enforcement powers than the bylaws do. We won’t be losing any regulation if these bylaws are revoked.

“It is crucial that we have effective rules around wastewater systems, because we know that when they fail they contribute to water pollution.”

On-site wastewater systems

On-site wastewater systems provide treatment of domestic wastewater and return it to the environment within the boundaries of the property of origin.

There are many different types of on-site systems, but septic tanks are a common example of a basic treatment system used in New Zealand.

The Auckland Unitary Plan requires all on-site wastewater systems in the region to have no significant adverse effects on public health, environmental health, water quality or sites significant to mana whenua. It also includes provision around the design, installation, maintenance, and record-keeping of systems to prevent malfunction. 

Have your say

You now have an opportunity to tell us your views. This consultation is seeking public feedback as well as targeted stakeholder feedback.

We are really interested to know whether you agree with the proposal to revoke, or why you think we should keep the bylaws.

Have your say events are being held across the region over August – but particularly in the areas where the current legacy bylaws apply.

Make a submission and find out more at the Auckland Council website.

What are bylaws and why do we review them?

Bylaws are rules made by local councils that affect the way we live, work and play.

As a statutory requirement, bylaws are reviewed every five to 10 years. This process involves public consultations to make sure our bylaws are useful and reflect what Aucklanders need.

Some of these bylaws have now lapsed or become redundant as other legislation has become operative.

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