Town square development to proceed with community support

Last Updated : 02 Aug 2019
Takapuna town square option 1
Town square Hurstmere to Lake Road, Takapuna - 'Option One' render

Public consultation and a representative survey have both shown support for a new town square and revitalisation on the central Takapuna car park at 40 Anzac Street.

In an independent survey conducted by Colmar Brunton, 69 per cent of people preferred one of the two development proposals. In the Auckland Council-run consultation, 55 per cent of people who responded were in support.

Earlier engagement with the community identified the two preferred sites for the town square. A site between Hurstmere and Lake roads came out as the preferred location for this new public space in both the consultation (46 per cent of responses) and the independent survey (40 per cent).

Delivering a great outcome for Takapuna

Council’s Planning Committee and Devonport-Takapuna Local Board were briefed on the results of the consultation at a workshop this morning.

North Shore Ward Councillor and Planning Committee Chair Chris Darby says, “The community has given us a clear steer that they want to see their village improved from a car park to a safe and well-designed public space for people to love, with places to eat, shop, live, work and spend time.

“We can be confident in continuing with our plans to rejuvenate and open up public space in the core of Takapuna, off the back of the fantastic response of over 5300 submissions.”

Devonport-Takapuna Local Board Chair George Wood says the board is committed to working constructively with Panuku Development Auckland to deliver a great outcome for Takapuna.

“It’s clear there are a lot of people as interested and excited about this development opportunity as we are. We look forward to continuing to help shape the final designs to ensure what is delivered, strikes the right balance for everyone – visitors, residents and local businesses,” he says.

Panuku Director of Development Allan Young says that both the consultation and the survey were independently run to understand the desires of the community.

“With the independent survey backing up the result of the consultation, and both results being in favour of improvements to this space, we look forward to making sure we achieve the high-quality outcome that Takapuna is clearly looking for.”

The consultation

40 Anzac Street is currently a 250-space car park located in the centre of Takapuna between Anzac Street and Lake Road, adjacent to Potters Park. The site has the potential to provide a mix of residential, commercial and public space with activated laneways linking it to Hurstmere Road.

Panuku proposed that 40 Anzac Street is developed into a vibrant hub that includes a new town square of at least 3000sqm, shops, businesses and homes that will unify the heart of Takapuna.

The consultation received 5385 responses and was conducted from 23 July to 10 August 2018. Fifty-three per cent of respondents that disclosed their location were from the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board area. An additional 28 per cent were from the rest of the North Shore. The remainder of the responses were from the rest of Auckland (15 per cent), or outside of Auckland/did not supply a location (4 per cent).

The Colmar Brunton survey includes 563 respondents, is representative by age, gender and location and has a margin of error of 4.4 per cent.

Panuku will seek expressions of interest from potential development partners for parts of the site before the end of the year. Design work on the town square will now continue to be shaped up and detailed design square will be worked on next year, using inclusive and innovative processes to encourage innovation and collaboration.

Two hundred metres down the road at 14 Huron Street, a new, multi-level car parking building will be constructed to replace the car parks at 40 Anzac Street. The modern, multi-level car park building will be five storeys and will include 420 car parks, with capacity for 160 in the future. In addition, the facility will include electric car and bike charging stations, bike storage, motorbike parking, accessibility parking and 'end of trip' facilities including changing rooms. Construction will begin in October.

Quick facts – representative survey:

  • 69 per cent of people prefer one of the proposed options that would deliver a new town square over the status quo
  • 40 per cent prefer a town square located between Hurstmere and Lake roads. 29 per cent prefer a town square adjacent to Potters Park
  • 29 per cent prefer no development
  • The survey included 563 responses and is representative by age, gender and location

Quick facts – community consultation:

  • 55 per cent of people support a town square at one of the two proposed locations
  • 38 per cent support a town square located between Hurstmere and Lake roads.
  • 8 per cent supported a town square adjacent to Potters Park and 8% supported both options
  • 41 per cent support no development
  • The consultation received 5385 responses
  • 53 per cent of the respondents that disclosed their location were from the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board area and an additional 28 per cent were from the rest of the North Shore. 15 per cent were from the remainder of Auckland. Only 206 respondents either live outside of Auckland or did not disclose their local board area.
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