Lease changes to add parking in Matiatia

Publish Date : 11 Sep 2018
Matiatia Parking

More carparks are coming to Matiatia amid plans to improve transport and meet community needs.

Waiheke Local Board chair Cath Handley says that increased parking capacity will be welcome news on the island, where the lack of parking at Matiatia has frustrated those commuting to Auckland via ferry.

The board was given authority to make decisions over commercial leases at Matiatia that had previously been managed by Panuku Development Auckland and Auckland Council’s Community Facilities.

Now the board has decided existing leases expiring next year won’t be renewed so that outcomes from the Matiatia Plan can be realised – including more parking.

While work on the leases is proceeding, the board is also working with transport operators to put a permanent and functional tour vehicle parking area in place for summer.

The extra public parking will offset any reduction in carparks that comes as a result of tour vehicle parking. The car parks will become available because a variation to one of the leases came into effect on 1 September.

A new bus timetable slated to start after summer will also make it easier for commuters to travel by bus, reducing demand for parking across Waiheke.

"The board’s wider objective is enabling the community to make its own decisions on development at Matiatia, and the lease decision and freeing up of car parks shows we are keen to deliver on calls for more parking," Ms Handley says.

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