Four billboards outside Henderson train station, Auckland

Publish Date : 29 Jan 2019
Four billboards outside Henderson train station, Auckland
Part of one of the artworks by Humans of Hendo
Four billboards outside Henderson train station, Auckland (1)
Part of an artwork to be installed on the billboard by humans of Hendo

It's not quite the Hollywood blockbuster, but Henderson-Massey Local board has teamed up with six community organisations to breathe life into four unused billboards outside Henderson train station.

The billboards, each measuring 6m x 3m, have been sitting in a dilapidated state facing the Henderson train railway platform for more than a year, so the board decided to invite community organisations to showcase their talent.

920,000 people per year

“With more than 920,000 people passing through Henderson train station in 2018, this is a fantastic opportunity for some of our community groups to showcase their work, who often don’t have the budget or means to do so,” says Henderson-Massey Local Board member Vanessa Neeson.

Vanessa Neeson
Henderson-Massey Local Board member Vanessa Neeson

“It will fill some fairly drab empty visual space with local artwork, instilling a sense of community belonging and help brighten the space.

"The board started the trend of putting art on our vacant walls, which as well as the many benefits for our community groups, also helps minimise graffiti in the board area.

“Using art with a local flavour and promoting the history of the area during the Henderson-Massey 175th anniversary celebrations is a great way for us to show the community the talent on our doorstep. I can’t wait to see the billboards in action!”


The 11-month project will involve four rotations of different images on the billboards throughout the period.

The community groups involved are:

  • Humans of Hendo
  • Community Waitakere
  • Kākano Youth Collective
  • Zeal
  • MPHS
  • West Auckland Historical Society

The first of the installations will go up on 30 Jan.

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