Car transporters parking under investigation

Publish Date : 17 Apr 2019

Auckland Transport wants to find a solution to the issue of car transporters being loaded and unloaded on suburban streets.

John Strawbridge, AT’s group manager parking services and compliance says that AT is worried about safety issues with transporter operators working around car yards particularly in Grey Lynn and New Lynn.

“Many of these car yards have been there for years and were built without conditions around loading and unloading transporters.

“Some of the transporters are being parked by the side of the road or in the flush median. We have issued tickets but the fines aren’t stopping the operators parking illegally, we need to find an answer to this problem.”

Waitematā Local Board Chair Pippa Coom says, “We’ve been receiving complaints about the unloading practices of transporter operators for some time.

"The industry, working with Auckland Transport, needs to find a safe way for them to operate without parking illegally. It is not acceptable for transport operators to continue blocking visibility and making it dangerous for other road users particularly for children going to local schools.”

Whau Local Board Chair Tracy Mulholland agrees.

“These transporters are becoming more of a problem in parts of New Lynn," she says.

"They are large vehicles and they’re blocking visibility for cyclists and other road users. It is not safe having cars being loaded in general traffic. We expect bylaws and rules to be adhered to.”

Auckland Transport, representatives of the local boards, the freight industry and the motor vehicle dealers will hold a meeting this week to try to come up with some solutions.

John Strawbridge says AT is looking at putting more dedicated loading and unloading bays in the Great North Rd area as a short-term response.

“We have already put in some special loading bays on side streets but many of the transporters are too long to navigate these side roads. We have to support these businesses but we need to make sure they’re operating safely.”

He says long term the Grey Lynn end of Great North Road will be completely re-designed and the needs of pedestrians, bike riders, motorists and local businesses will all be under the spotlight.

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