Freedom camping update

Publish Date : 22 Aug 2019

Update | 22 August 2019

The council's Governing Body has considered next steps for developing a Freedom Camping bylaw, following deferral of the process in June. 

This decision by the Governing Body now requires council officers to provide advice for a new statement of proposal after the local body elections.

The new statement will undergo full public consultation before any final decision is made on a Freedom Camping bylaw.

In the meantime the current regulations will apply.

Read Mayor Phil Goff's Chair's report here

Mayoral statement: Tighter restrictions proposed on freedom camping

Auckland Council’s Governing Body today unanimously supported Mayor Phil Goff’s report on a proposed freedom camping bylaw. The report proposes that council consider clearer prohibitions and restrictions on where freedom camping will be allowed in the Auckland region.

Phil Goff said, “The council has to comply with government legislation passed in 2011 which takes a very permissive approach to freedom camping. However, the Minister has agreed to meet to hear Auckland’s concerns about problems inherent in that legislation.

“With rapid growth in freedom camping and an irresponsible approach by a minority of campers, Aucklanders have expressed concern around the need to exercise control over freedom camping – I share their concern.

“Council and commercial camping grounds are quite cheap to stay at and offer proper facilities, and that’s where we would want most campervans to stay overnight. Communities don’t want public parking areas and reserves to be overwhelmed or damaged by overnight campers.

“The Governing Body has asked council officers to report back on a new set of proposals which has a general rule restricting freedom camping across the city, protects reserves in residential areas, and includes the prohibited and restricted sites agreed by the Hearings Panel.

“By law, these proposals will need to be subject to further consultation. In the meantime, restrictions on camping under legacy bylaws will stay in place.

“Provision will be made in suitable areas for freedom camping, but we want a bylaw which ensures proper protection for residents, communities and the environment,” said Phil Goff.

Read the full Governing Body agenda here

Watch the webcast of the Governing Body meeting here

Original story | 19 June 2019

A decision on Auckland Council’s Freedom Camping bylaw has been deferred.

Chair of the Hearings Panel Linda Cooper, in a decision supported by Mayor Phil Goff, has announced the decision to delay the Hearings Panel recommendations report.

“We have had a community group signal its intent for potential legal action against the proposed bylaw,” Cr Cooper says.

“The Hearings Panel is using this time to get advice and complete our recommendations, before we report to the Governing Body.”

“We have heard the concerns raised by the community on this issue and I want the issue deferred until Council has got it right,” says Mayor Goff.

Public consultation on the proposed Freedom Camping bylaw ran from 3 December to 18 February 2019 and public deliberations were held on 4 April, 29 May and 31 May 2019.

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