A rail link to benefit all Aucklanders

Publish Date : 16 Jul 2019

“Projects like the City Rail Link are definitely worth the disruption as they will help people move in and around the city more conveniently and will reduce traffic problems,” says IT engineer Barinder Singh [pictured]. “At the moment the ongoing construction is exciting, as it means we are getting new infrastructure in the city.”

A rail link to the future to benefit all
Barinder Singh

The City Rail Link (CRL) will be the most dramatic leap forward for Auckland’s public transport system since the opening of the Britomart station and introduction of electric trains.

It will be welcomed not just by those trying to get to work in the city centre on time, but for the benefit of direct access to western and southern suburbs without having to change trains.

“Opening in 2024, the CRL will double the number of people living within 30 minutes of the CBD,” said the project’s chief executive officer, Sean Sweeney.

“During the rush hours there will be trains every ten minutes – no need for a timetable, just get to the station and hop on a train.”

Providing an attractive alternative to cars it also means improvements for those who will still have a need to use the roads.

A rail link to the future to benefit all (1)
Concept of the Aotea Station entrance

He added: “It’s part of a re-vamped transport system giving greater and safer travel options to Auckland’s north, south, east and west with rapid transit (buses, rail, light rail/trams), roads, ferries, and walking and cycling.

“All this will significantly change how we travel, where we live and work, and deliver a more environmentally healthy city.”

At its peak, around 1600 will be employed on the CRL creating opportunities to help upskill Kiwis on the job – a legacy that will benefit New Zealand long after the CRL is completed.

“The project will also boast a uniquely New Zealand atmosphere with Mana Whenua partnering in delivering stunning designs for the new underground stations, representing our historical and cultural heritage,” said Sean.

And on his wish list? “A rail tunnel under the harbour!”

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