Avondale regeneration will unlock area's potential

Publish Date : 28 Jun 2019
Avondale regeneration will unlock area's potential

What will a future Whau look like?

One of the most significant changes will be in Avondale, which will be regenerated over the next 15 years through the Panuku Development Auckland ‘Unlock Avondale’ programme.

Town centre

The town centre will be at the heart of the regeneration in Avondale, but the wider area will see more choice in quality housing and neighbourhoods, new open spaces and the recently announced multi-purpose community facility.

“This is an investment for a fantastic community and a wonderful place,” says Whau Ward Councillor Ross Clow.

"The Unlock programme will be designed with the needs and views of the community in mind, helping Avondale continue to be one of the most vibrant places in Auckland.

“Unlock Avondale will not just be about buildings, but about supporting local people and businesses to create a prosperous community,” he says.

Heart of Avondale

Avondale Central, the large open site that was once home to the 3 Guys supermarket and has been vacant for nearly 20 years, is considered pivotal to the area’s regeneration and was bought by Panuku last year.

Programme Manager Delaney McCall says, “While it may not seem like much now, in just a few years this large open site in the heart of Avondale could be an exciting new development that will contribute to the renewal of the whole neighbourhood”.

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