Augmented reality to bring Papakura photography to life

Publish Date : 16 Aug 2019
Augmented reality to bring Papakura photography to life
Tattooist Leroy Roberts is marking a different kind of mark on Papakura's art world.

A policeman, a tattooist and a museum curator walk into an art exhibition...

It sounds like the first line of a joke, but it’s a reality in south Auckland where The Papakura Project dominates storefronts in the town.

Huge black and white photographic portraits of policeman Tony Tumai, ink artist Leroy Roberts and museum curator Ione Cussen are just part of an art installation telling the story of locals’ love for their town.

But it’s more than just images - by downloading and using the Zappar app, visitors can hear the portrait subjects tell their stories through video.

The augmented reality portraits are all within easy walking distance of each other on Great South Road.

The project is supported by Papakura Local Board, and Auckland Council arts and culture advisor Sarah Edwards says it meets the board’s aim of showcasing the town while increasing arts access for all.

The Papakura Project was created by Sam Evans, mentored by another board supported initiative in The Corner, which supports creativity in the area’s young people.

It follows Representing Papakura (#kurareps), photos by Sean Atavenitia showcasing youth who represent Papakura at various sports, which can also still be seen in the town centre.

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