Climate crisis lessons from the UK

Publish Date : 05 Sep 2019

Environment and Community Committee Chair Penny Hulse recently spoke with Mike Thompson, Head of Carbon Budgets at the UK’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC). Mr Thompson was in New Zealand speaking about carbon reduction.

The CCC is the independent statutory adviser to the UK Government on its climate targets and carbon policy, created under the Climate Change Act.

Mr Thompson was one of the CCC’s first staff members in 2007 and leads the committee's work on mitigation – how fast the UK should cut emissions and how that can be done. Most recently he led the work for the committee’s report, Net Zero – The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming, setting out how and why the UK should end its impact on global warming within 30 years.

Have your say on Auckland's Climate Action Framework

In June 2019 we declared a climate emergency to signal our commitment to putting climate change at the front and centre of our decision making.

Auckland's climate is changing, and we need a plan that coordinates our actions to reduce emissions and increases our resilience to climate change.

Auckland's Climate Action Framework lays out our plan for a number of areas, including using renewable energy, delivering clean, safe transport systems, and moving to a zero-carbon economy. It also sets out a range of actions for individuals, communities, organisations and businesses to help work toward these goals.

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