Get your driving permit before you hit the beach this summer

Publish Date : 08 Oct 2019
Get your driving permit before you hit the beach this summer

Enjoy safe beach driving this summer – but don’t forget to get your permit before you head off.

Aucklanders are fortunate to have two stunning beaches – Karioitahi and Muriwai – where you’re allowed to drive, provided you have a permit from Auckland Council.

The only exception is to launch or retrieve a boat or emergency situations.

It’s easy and free to apply for a permit for Kariotahi and Muriwai and it can be done online in about five minutes.  

Under the law, beaches are legal roads, so all road rules apply.

Read the rules and guidelines that come with the permit, and remember beaches are policed so you must carry a photo ID and your beach driving permit when you use your vehicle on the beach.

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Guidelines for driving on Muriwai and Karioitahi beaches

  • Take safety equipment, including a spade and a rope
  • Always drive with headlights on
  • Stick to the hard part of the beach below the high tide line. Check tide times before you go out
  • Access to the beach is limited to three hours either side of low tide
  • Look out for partially submerged objects
  • Stay off the dunes - fragile dune systems are damaged by vehicle use
  • Always slow down when there are people or animals around
  • Be aware of shorebirds nesting at high tide
  • You must always have your beach driving permit when you are driving on the beach - having it on your mobile phone or device is fine.
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