Board grateful road safety funds found

Publish Date : 31 Jul 2020
FLB Road Safety

Emergency Budget work that saw Auckland Transport retain $40 million for road safety improvement work has been praised by Franklin Local Board.

Board chair Andy Baker says it’s too early to know how Franklin might benefit, or even access those funds, but money spent on road safety that saved lives was always well-spent.

“Last year 40 people died on our roads and an almost 600 others were seriously injured, and that is not good enough.

“No one should lose their life or get seriously injured just moving around the city, and we know that rural roads like many of those in our district present serious challenges.

“Road safety isn’t someone else’s problem, it’s something we can all influence through our behaviour by driving more considerately and to the conditions.”

Meanwhile electronic warning signs for Clevedon’s Tourist Road and Monument Road intersection have been hit by Council’s financial constraints.

The board was told in June that the project was still being progressed, but it now appears finances won’t allow it.

Deputy chair Angela Fulljames says that’s disappointing because the road is a notorious accident hot-spot, and the board has asked Auckland Transport to look at other possible warning systems for the intersection.

It has also called on AT to come up with an improved flood response system for the Clevedon area, where June’s one-in-50-year storm closed Hunua Rd, with West Rd, Ara-Kotinga Rd, John Hill Road, Peach Hill Road, Sky High Road, and Cowan Road also all affected.

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