Ōrākei Local Board launches noise complaint campaign

Last Updated : 27 Jan 2021

Local families and business are being called on to help reduce nuisance noise in one of Auckland’s most loved neighbourhoods.

Despite sweeping views of Rangitoto and the golden sands of the eastern beaches, there is one issue which impedes the otherwise idyllic living in Mission Bay, and Ōrākei Local Board is encouraging the community to take a stand.

“Noise, especially at night, of cars with extra loud exhaust systems or retrofit stereo systems are some of the most difficult nuisances to deal with,” explains local board chair Scott Milne. 

“The sleep-deprived community was getting frustrated. However, unless the noise is stationary there is little that Noise Control can do, and noise coming from a car can be very tricky for police to pin down. But community involvement will help. “

There is a local perception that no one is listening to the many complaints’ community raised. In fact, meetings with residents, police, Noise Control officers and local board members determined that many instances of nuisance noise were not being reported. 

“Each report of groups breaching the peace, acting in a disorderly manner and breaching the liquor ban is logged and goes towards building a clear understanding of the issues, of problem areas, of patterns of regular behaviour, and subsequently the deployment of resources, both police and non-police,” explains Inspector Lyle Norriss. 

“All of these reports are important to ensure that we have the most accurate picture of the what and the when.” 

Chairman of the Mission Bay Resident’s Association, Don Stock, says “It only takes a few inconsiderate show-offs to spoil the enjoyment of our lovely suburb, but perhaps the actions of a few active residents can make a difference."

"Let’s get with the Police and the local board and give it a try. We have started a campaign within the community to encourage individuals and businesses to report noise

"‘Don’t be quiet, Report noise!’ is a short-term local board campaign which we hope will increase the number of instances reported and ultimately will reduce noise issues for Mission Bay,” explains Scott Milne.

Orakei Local Board launches noise complaint campaign

Report excessive noise

If you are witness to excessive noise issues, then report it:

  • Noise from cars report to police via 105
  • Noise from other sources report to Auckland Council via 09 301 0101

Visit the Auckland Council website for more information about noise complaints.

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