Change of roles within Ōrākei Local Board

Publish Date : 29 Apr 2021
Change of roles within Orakei Local Board
Sarah Powrie
Troy Elliott
Troy Elliott

The role of Deputy Chair on the Ōrākei Local Board changed on 28 April 2021, as per the all-board agreement made in October 2019 at the first meeting of the current term to share the role between Sarah Powrie and Troy Elliott. 

“From the onset, our elected members expressed a desire to share the deputy chair role. I am incredibly sad to see the end of such a great partnership with Sarah, one which has helped hold the board firm for an incredible first 18-month term. A Chair could ask for no better Deputy," says Scott Milne, who will remain Chair of Ōrākei Local Board for the full three-year term.

"In the same breath, I am excited to be working more closely with Troy, who has been the lead on Park, Sports and Recreation for the last 18 months and will continue to drive this portfolio towards some exciting projects in the second half of the term."

It is not unusual for local boards to share roles throughout the three-year term. There are a total of 20 role changes at this halfway point, across the 21 local boards as eleven boards decided to have split terms for chairs, deputy chairs or both.

“I have enjoyed my time as deputy chair, it is such an interesting role. I look forward to continuing to work with our dedicated community groups and the business associations, along with grappling with our transport challenges,” says Sarah Powrie.

Out of the seven members elected to Ōrākei Local Board, three were new to Auckland Council local boards. Troy Elliott brings a great deal of local knowledge having grown up and lived in Ellerslie, St Heliers and Remuera, as well as political acumen as chair of the Ellerslie Residents Association.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent the board as Deputy Chair and am especially interested in getting more involved in the decision-making processes to better understand the intricacies of just how Council works,” explains Elliott.

"Troy has big shoes to fill as Sarah has been one of the hardest working deputies across all of the council," says Milne.

“All seven members of our team have varied interests and bring a surprising array of experiences and skills to the table."

"I am very glad to say that we work very well as a united team, which has been our strength during such a difficult year following COVID-19. This won’t change as we continue making unified decisions and voicing spirited advocacy for the community going forward. Thank you once again to Sarah, and welcome to the role Troy.”

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