On the lookout for the next generation of aquatic superstars

Publish Date : 22 Jul 2021
On the lookout for the next generation of aquatic superstars 1

Ever watched the lifeguards on Bondi Rescue or Piha Rescue and thought “I would love to do that" but you'd prefer to be working inside and closer to home?

Well now is the perfect opportunity to don your swimwear and start training to become part of Auckland’s next generation of aquatic superstars.

“Our lifeguards are what comes to mind when people think of pools and leisure,” says Auckland Council’s Head of Active Recreation Dave Stewart.

“They play an important role in keeping people safe in and around the pools, helping people out with queries and ensuring pool users can make the most of their visits.”

Dave stresses that without lifeguards, Auckland Council couldn’t provide the number of pool services that it currently does.

Applications open to all

With more than 20 aquatic centres across Tāmaki Makaurau there is scope for people to be working in the community they live in. Lifeguards are required across the region and Dave says it isn’t just young people who make great Pools and Leisure staff.

“Our communities are diverse, and we want our staff to reflect that.

“Grandparents, mums, dads, and young people can all apply.

“We have a swim test that we require all potential lifeguards to pass. But the great thing is that any potential applicants can come to our facilities and train for that test”

The test includes a 200-metre swim to be completed under 6 minutes, 50 metres of breaststroke and 25 metres of sidestroke, 5 minutes of water-treading and a dive to retrieve objects from the bottom of a pool.  

“It sounds a lot but with a reasonable level of fitness, or a bit of training, we find most people are capable of passing the test. Asking our lifeguards for tips is also something applicants could do.”

Dave does have a concern when positions can’t be filled.

“Without the necessary staff, we risk having to close parts of our facilities in order to keep our pool users safe. It is something we don’t want to do, so we really encourage that budding aquatic superstar to come and visit us to find out how to start training.

Dave says that as Aucklanders become more aware of their physical and mental wellbeing, more people are coming into the Pool and Leisure centres to keep active, or to come and have a good time with friends and family.

Being a lifeguard is more than just keeping an eye on people in the water though.

Customer service, community wellbeing, and pool maintenance are all important aspects that help keep a centre running.

“Our teams are on the hunt for exceptional talent to join our diverse staff so we can continue to provide the full comprehensive service that we are known for. If being a lifeguard isn’t for you and customer service or teaching children to swim is more your thing - we still want to hear from you!”

If you think you have what it takes then head to the Auckland Council Careers site and express your interest for a Pools and Leisure role.

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