Wiri Bridge
Replacing and upgrading Wiri Bridge will add another vital piece to Manurewa's shared pathway network, connecting Puhinui Reserve to the Manukau city centre via Barrowcliffe Bridge.

Improving walking and cycling routes in Manukau is a high priority for Manurewa Local Board, with members approving a concept plan for a new bridge linking Wiri Stream Reserve to the Manukau city centre.

Manurewa Local Board Chair Joseph Allan says Eke Panuku Development Auckland will build Wiri Bridge to better connect the shared path in the reserve, improving the walking and cycling network into Manukau.

“Manukau is getting ready for growth and is bolstered by its strong transport connectivity by rail or bus, closeness to education facilities and natural assets such as Puhinui Stream and Hayman Park.

“The bridge will add to community connectivity by extending our cycling and walking network.

“It will improve access to an area that’s important for our community, linking two existing walking and cycling paths and connecting residents from Wiri Stream Reserve to Barrowcliffe Bridge and into the city centre.”

The existing 10-metre pedestrian-only bridge does not meet current shared walking and cycling requirements, and development in the area is expected to increase its use.

The approved design is for a 12.6m by 3.6m bridge and widening the Barrowcliffe Place footpath, which now narrows to meet the existing bridge.

“It will use colour to signal users are crossing into a shared zone, have measures to stop vehicles, and soft landscaping with native grasses, shrubs and low trees,” Allan says.

The project aligns with the board’s outcome: Our safe and accessible network provides transport options to meet community needs. It also aligns with connectivity outcomes sought by Eke Panuku.

Eke Panuku Priority Location Director Richard Davison is focused on delivering great development outcomes for Manukau.

“This bridge replacement will continue to support safe movement between the new Wiri Playground, to the Kotuitui and Puhinui Park developments, and onwards over the new road bridge to the Manukau city centre.”

Board member Anne Candy says the extent of development in the area will be obvious to all.

“We’ve seen many homes rise in the area and that isn’t going to stop.

“Keeping the residents in these homes connected to the community is important and the new bridge will be a vital accessible link in the route to Barrowcliffe and the Manukau city centre beyond.”

Eke Panuku will now work on detailed design and hopes to have building consent lodged by December, with a view to building next year.

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