More housing for our growing city

Publish Date : 14 Mar 2022

As Auckland grows, our city needs a wider variety of new homes, giving Aucklanders more choices to live closer to the everyday things they need.

More homes, like apartments and townhouses, are the smartest solution to meeting not only today’s housing needs but also those of future generations.

Why are the changes needed?

Auckland Council must respond to central government’s National Policy Statement on Urban Development, which requires large and growing cities like Auckland to enable buildings of six storeys or more within walking distance of our city centre, 10 large metropolitan centres and train stations or rapid busway stops.

The government’s new Enabling Housing Supply Act also requires the council to enable medium density housing of up to three storeys across almost all Auckland suburbs, without needing a resource consent.

This means we must make changes to the Auckland Unitary Plan, including to the rules for how people can choose to develop their property. The government directs us to publicly notify a proposed plan change by 20 August 2022 for public submissions.

While most of the government’s changes are mandatory, we do have some limited scope to make decisions for our growing city.

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What does this mean for your community?

As directed by the government, Auckland Council must:

  • allow as much building height and density as possible within Auckland’s city centre for both new homes and businesses
  • enable buildings of six storeys or more within walking distances to the city centre, 10 large metropolitan centres and around existing and planned rapid transit stops - Auckland's train and busway stations.
  • enable more housing density within and next to other suburban centres to match the level of commercial activity and community services in each centre, such as jobs, shops, education, civic facilities and public transport.

Central government allows for some exemptions to limit its mandated three and six storey building heights where the characteristics of some areas may make further intensification inappropriate, but only if strong evidence is provided to justify limiting development.

Why growth is good for all of us

When managed right the benefits of living in a growing city outweigh the downsides.

  • More homes and greater housing choices with more apartments and townhouses
  • More jobs and higher wages
  • Stronger, more vibrant communities
  • Improved public transport
  • Better for our climate with more travel options and fewer people travelling by car

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How can you get involved?

Auckland Council must make changes to the city’s planning rulebook – the Auckland Unitary Plan – to allow for more housing at greater heights and density across our city.

Aucklanders will have two opportunities to help shape Auckland’s new planning rules:

  • From Tuesday 19 April to Monday 9 May 2022, you can have a say on some of the proposed changes to the Auckland Unitary Plan where we have some limited scope to make decisions. This consultation is now closed. 
  • From August 2022, you can make a submission on the publicly notified plan change so your views are considered during the statutory decision-making process. Anyone can make a submission.
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