Growing Together

Growing Together 4 Apr 2022

New housing rules: The big changes for Auckland

We’re shining a light on the stronger role central government has taken in planning for how Auckland must grow by introducing new rules for greater housing density across our city.

Growing Together 28 Mar 2022

Have Your Say

Auckland Council is seeking feedback on several proposed changes to the Auckland Unitary Plan. You can have your say from Tuesday 19 April until Monday 9 May 2022.

Development 23 Mar 2022

There’s more than one way to intensify Auckland

With huge population growth forecast for Auckland in the coming decades, it’s time for the city to build infrastructure to match. But how do we create this new infrastructure on top of what’s already here?

Growing Together 15 Mar 2022

Why growth is good for all of us

Increasing our housing density to meet our growing population is the smartest solution to meeting not only today’s housing demands, but also the needs of future generations.

Growing Together 15 Mar 2022

Resilience and resourcefulness; hallmarks of a building industry navigating a boom

The population of Auckland is fast approaching two million and another one million people are  expected to move here to live and work over the next 30 years. When it’s managed well, growth brings fresh ideas and new possibilities.  

Growing Together 14 Mar 2022

Shaping the big decisions on how our city grows

An overview of the key steps to implementing government’s new housing density rules in Auckland.

Growing Together 14 Mar 2022

More housing for our growing city

As Auckland grows, our city needs a wider variety of new homes, giving Aucklanders more choices to live closer to the everyday things they need.

Growing Together 14 Mar 2022

10 things you need to know about new housing rules in Auckland

In April, Auckland Council will be asking Aucklanders for feedback on some changes to the Auckland Unitary Plan – our city’s planning rulebook – to allow for more housing at greater heights and density.

Development 17 Feb 2022

The levers we use to help influence good design

In this Q&A, we ask Lisa Dunshea, Manager Urban Design at Auckland Council, to help us understand the uniqueness of that opportunity and the levers Auckland Council uses to influence good design outcomes for the city. 

Growing Together 15 Feb 2022

Planet and people come first

We sat down with Thomas Le Bas earlier this month and found the charms of Auckland had captured him after just four years here as a city centre resident.

Growing Together 14 Feb 2022

“A concentration of people makes a city an exciting place to be” – Doris de Pont

We asked Doris de Pont for her take on higher density housing. The passionate Aucklander, bike rider and founder and curator of the New Zealand Fashion Museum shared some of her hopes and dreams for Auckland.

Growing Together 14 Feb 2022

Sarid’s postcards to Auckland from Tulancingo and Shanghai

If Sarid Olvera Anzures could design a perfect city she would combine the beaches, harbour and natural beauty of Auckland with the high quality, compact housing and easy living she experienced in Shanghai.

Growing Together 14 Feb 2022

Explainer: NZ’s new direction towards more high-density housing in our biggest cities

In Auckland, the NPS-UD requires the council to enable greater housing density. Read what this means for our region here.

Growing Together 14 Feb 2022

Making room to grow: new government rules for a growing Auckland

More Aucklanders means a successful and vibrant city - more jobs, better retail and services, more exciting things to see and do, and safer, sustainable transport. 

Growing Together 14 Feb 2022

Inside ‘The Auckland Plan 2050’

Auckland has a long-term plan called The Auckland Plan 2050. It is the city’s blueprint which aims to ensure Tāmaki Makaurau grows well, meeting the opportunities and challenges of the future.