New laneway to further enhance a thriving Britomart Precinct this summer

Publish Date : 30 Jun 2022
The Hotel Britomart From Takutai Square (1)
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This week we are beginning work on the last section of Galway Street, transforming the road corridor into an intimate, people-focused laneway.

Like the other completed areas of Galway Street, this section (between Te Komititanga and Commerce Street) will be an inclusive and safe shared space for people with accessibility needs, and people walking, riding bikes or scooters.

With completion targeted for Christmas, the laneway will connect shoppers from Britomart and Takutai Square to Commercial Bay and Queen Street.

This upgrade is guided by our visionary City Centre Masterplan which seeks to create a pedestrian-scale city full of beautiful public spaces.

When City Rail Link is complete, the Waitematā Station (Britomart) will be a two-way-through-station and will see many more people arriving by train into Britomart. Open and accessible shared spaces like Galway Street will become key accessways for the increasing number of people moving between the station and their various destinations throughout the city.

The transformation of Galway Street is part of the wider regeneration of the Britomart Precinct that’s transformed the area over the last 15 years. This urban renewal has centred on creating a pedestrian-friendly environment to enhance the experience of people working, visiting and living in the city centre. 

John Fillmore Contracting Limited (JFC) will be delivering the project. JFC are experienced in the delivery of complex streetscape projects in the city centre.

To shorten the period of construction we will be closing this section of Galway Street (between Te Komititanga and Commerce Street). Customs Street and Tyler Street will remain open and provide access for people moving between Britomart and Commercial Bay. For access to the station from Britomart, people are asked to use the Tyler Street entrance.  

This upgrade is funded by the City Centre Targeted Rate and is being delivered to align with the completion of the Cooper and Company redevelopment of the heritage Sofrana and Barrington buildings and associated street frontage along Galway Street.

The refurbishment of the heritage Barrington and Sofrana Buildings, being carried out by Bracewell Construction for Cooper and Company, is on track for tenants to move in during November. The redevelopment includes a new Galway Street lobby that will add to the dynamism of the street.

More project information can be found at Progress AKL which will be updated regularly. Progress AKL also contains useful information about other exciting changes happening in the city centre.


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