Concept plan for Anderson Park adopted

Publish Date : 20 Sep 2022
Anderson Park

Detailed design work can now begin on a playground upgrade for Anderson Park in Manurewa.

Manurewa Local Board has approved a concept plan for the park, one board Chair Joseph Allan hopes will excite the nearby community.

“The plan renews and expands the playground. There were many requests for a flying fox and the slope of the park enabled us to fit in one that is 40 metres long. The board also put in extra funds after advocacy from the community to cater for a wider range of ages and abilities.”

The board has made upgrading Anderson Park a priority and consultation and engagement to develop the concept plan was undertaken with iwi, Hillpark School and the local community.

“Our feedback indicates a desire for more exciting and interesting play equipment and the community also asked that open space be retained to allow informal sports such as volleyball. 

“We think the concept plan responds to what the community needs and what residents have told us they want to see."

The more than 8700 square metre Anderson Park is on the corner of Great South Road and Grande View Road and is surrounded by mature trees. It has two pathways, limited playground equipment, park furniture and some informal play space.

The concept plan is here. It includes a new play space divided into two areas, one suitable for younger people, the other more suited to older residents and set to contain fitness equipment alongside the play elements.

Council staff will place signage at the park so the community can visualise what is coming.

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