Don’t be a dumper – help protect our environment

Publish Date : 06 Oct 2022
Don't Be A Dumper 2 (1)

Be responsible and dispose of your waste the right way.

Illegal dumping is damaging the environment as well as being an eyesore and the council is asking people to do the right thing and dispose of their waste properly.

Senior Waste Advisor Jan Eckersley says that Auckland is a great place to live, and the community needs to look after the city.

“The environment is precious, and nobody wants to see piles of rubbish dumped around the place.

“Residents should dispose of their unwanted items, green waste and household rubbish correctly - dumping it in parks, on berms, and down banks is not the right way.

“If you’re planning a clear-out of your house, garage or garden, make sure you also plan how you’ll dispose of waste correctly,” Jan says.

“Our network of Community Recycling Centres is a good place to start, where unwanted household items in good condition can find a new home.”

Items and household rubbish that are not reusable or recyclable should be taken to your nearest transfer station for disposal – charges apply.

Council receives over 18,000 illegal dumping reports every year, ranging from large items of furniture to general rubbish from moving house, food scraps and disposable plates from gatherings, and bags of excess household rubbish.

Tyres, mattresses, green waste, household items, clothing, demolition, and hazardous waste are common items that are dumped, rather than being disposed of correctly.

“The team finds all sorts of things dumped - tyres and shopping trolleys in streams, piles of green waste and household rubbish in industrial areas,” Jan says.

Illegal dumping causes huge damage to the environment - tyres cause pollution when oil and chemical residues leach off the tyres onto the ground and into waterways; bagged rubbish can get split open causing litter problems and rubbish dumped in the bush crushes and kills plants.

“People don’t seem to realise that not disposing of waste the right way causes all sorts of environment issues - green waste kills plants and spreads weeds, food waste attracts vermin, and hazardous waste - oil, chemicals, batteries etc - contaminates the ground and pollutes the waterways,” Jan says.

Auckland Council is cracking down on illegal dumping and is calling on the community to help in the battle against it.

Dumping can be reported by phone to 0800 NO DUMP (0800 66 3867), which operates 24 hours 7 days a week. The complaint will be investigated, and the council may issue instant fines up to $400 or prosecute the person or business responsible.

Check out how to dispose of waste the right way.

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