Muriwai Beach vehicle access closed over holiday period

Publish Date : 12 Dec 2022
Muriwai Beach vehicle access closed over holiday period 1

Muriwai Beach will be closed to vehicle access over the summer holiday period. The closure will be from 8am, Friday 30 December 2022 and will be lifted 8am, Monday 16 January 2023, subject to fire season restriction extensions.

Public safety and fire risks are the reasons why access will be closed, according to Chair of Auckland Council’s Planning, Environment and Parks Committee, Councillor Richard Hills.

“Aucklanders love going out to Muriwai and enjoying the beach and the surrounding area. We want people to enjoy themselves and to get home safely,” he says.

Richard says that past experience has shown removing vehicle access to the beach is the best thing to do over the busy holiday season.

“We have closed access to the beach over the last couple of years for the same reasons and it has significantly reduced risks to other beach users. It makes sense to continue to reduce risks.”

Auckland Council’s Regional Parks Manager Scott De Silva agrees.

“Over the Christmas and New Year period, visitor numbers to Muriwai swell significantly. This includes families and their young children. Removing vehicles at the busiest time on the beach makes sense for all parties involved,” says Scott.

The popular west coast beach will still be accessible on foot, but vehicles must be parked in one of the Muriwai Regional Park car parks or near one of the beach access points.

Check the rules and responsibilities

Scott says that ahead of the summer period is a great time to make sure your vehicle permit is up to date.

“If your permit has lapsed, or you haven’t applied before, head to the Auckland Council website to ensure your vehicle is permitted when access is re-opened.”

Beaches are legal roads and should be treated as such, including sticking to speed limits and having vehicles that are road worthy.

Additionally, Scott reminds people there are non-negotiables that everyone should make sure they follow.

“The dunes are a no-go area. They are a fragile eco-system with unique native species.  Damage caused by vehicles is also impacting the regional park behind the dunes, so please stick to hard part of the beach below the high tide mark,” says Scott.

Fires are banned and make sure you check the tide times before you go. For a full list of the beach driving responsibilities head to the beach driving page on the Auckland Council website.

“Muriwai has important eco-systems that are fragile,” says Richard. “If we all follow the rules, then we can all enjoy Auckland’s amazing west coast and ensure our unique native species are able to thrive as well.”

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