Be prepared for Cyclone Gabrielle

Last Updated : 10 Feb 2023
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Auckland Emergency Management is working closely with MetService, the Mayor’s Office, Auckland Council and our partner agencies to ensure the region is as prepared as possible for any potential impacts caused by Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle.

“We strongly encourage our communities to use the next few days to get ready for what could be another significant weather event for the region,” says Auckland Emergency Management’s Deputy Controller Rachel Kelleher.

“We are working with the council and our other partner agencies to ensure we are as prepared as possible for what’s to come but we are also asking Aucklanders to keep pitching in, as they have been since January 27, to get themselves, and their communities, storm ready.

“Please help us to ensure kerbs, inlets and stormwater drains are clear of leaves and debris; and if you’ve already had flood-damaged items collected from your kerbside, please do not put anymore out.

“Instead, if you can, please take it to one of the 15 drop-off facilities across the region.

“Finally, I want to acknowledge the truly amazing work being done across Tāmaki Makaurau by volunteer groups. Community Support Hubs have provided untold comfort to hundreds of people that have been impacted by these recent events. Not to mention the hard mahi being that's being done by community organisations, sporting groups, marae and other individuals all across the region,” says Rachel.

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown is urging all Aucklanders to be prepared for another potential severe weather event this weekend.

“The direct path of Cyclone Gabrielle is uncertain at this stage, and while we are hoping for the best, we must all be prepared for the worst,” Mayor Brown said.

“The council’s Waste Solutions team is working at pace alongside the NZDF to clear drains, berms, and rubbish, to prevent flooding and potential public health risks. We ask Aucklanders to do their bit to ensure kerbs and drains are as clear as possible too.

“Local iwi and community groups, including the Student Volunteer Army, are on hand to support residents, and the Defence Force has been activated to assist ahead of any severe weather. If you require urgent assistance, call 0800 22 22 00.

“Please check on friends and whanau, and neighbours.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the cooperation and efforts of regional and national emergency management units, emergency responders, council officers, councillors, local boards, local iwi, and our communities. We are all working together.”

Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle

Based on current information, MetService advises that the Auckland region can expect to feel the first effects of Cyclone Gabrielle from Sunday night, with the most severe weather impacts expected on Monday and Tuesday. This weather system is expected to bring strong winds, heavy rain, and very large waves to parts of the North Island.

As the Cyclone tracks closer, we will have more certainty on which path it will take and its potential impacts. We expect to know more on Friday and will provide updates accordingly.

How Aucklanders can prepare

We’re asking everyone to take the next couple of days to get prepared. We have time.

The GetReady website is a great resource for people to check out, with lots of information and tips for how people can prepare for a storm. Think about your family members, pets and belongings – be prepared to leave if you need to, and have enough supplies to sustain yourself for up to three days.If you are reliant on prescription medication, it is worth ensuring you have enough supplies to get you through next week.

Check on neighbours; particularly those who are elderly or vulnerable.

If you can, please take any flood-damaged items to one of our 15 drop off facilities before Sunday and refrain from putting any additional items out on the kerb for collection.

We’re asking Aucklanders to pitch in by ensuring kerbs and drains on and around properties are clear of debris before Sunday evening if it safe to do so – or report them to Auckland Council on 0800 22 22 00

Preparations underway

Auckland Emergency Management is working to set up an increased number of sites across the region for people to take shelter if they need to evacuate, if and when the severe weather hits.

The addresses of the evacuation centres will be published on in the coming days.

We understand that access to some of these locations may be blocked depending on when and how the storm hits. We are making contingency plans for access, or if we need to move to another site quickly.

The council’s Waste Solutions team is working with the New Zealand Defence Force to clear items and belongings removed from kerbsides across the region as quickly as possible to ensure these don’t cause further issues in the event of further flooding.

Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters operations teams and contractors are working hard to maintain the region’s stormwater network while preparing for more severe weather.

Work continues clearing hot spots and blockages around catchpits and inlet grilles and removing debris from streams and waterways.

Auckland Emergency Management continues to respond to thousands of requests for service since last month’s floods.

Civil Defence Centres and Community Support Hubs remain open in Henderson, Māngere, New Lynn, Birkenhead and Randwick Park. For advice or assistance, you can also call 0800 22 22 00.

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