Riverhead playground back in action

Last Updated : 06 Mar 2023
Riverhead playground back in action 2

There is a new hot spot in Riverhead. The Riverhead War Memorial Park playground has reopened after a major refurbishment.

With more families needing places to play in Riverhead, the bright and colourful playground is ready to provide a ton of fun.

Rodney Local Board Chair Brent Bailey is pleased to see the project finished and the playground delivered for Riverhead families.

“The large, centrally located playground in memorial park sits at the heart of the township and caters for children of all ages. It’s themed around movement and the action that takes place on the sports fields nearby.”

Park access used to be via a narrow entrance on Coatesville Riverhead Highway or a driveway off Princes Street.

Bailey says safety concerns were raised about access. The main entrance from the highway has been widened and the Princes Street entry converted to pedestrian access.

Now it’s playtime. The all-abilities, all-accessible playground caters for a large age range, from preschool through to 12-year-olds.

It comes with a range of play elements for sensory and nature play and has slides, rockers, swings, a climbing wall and tower, swing bridge, carousel, seesaw, activity trail, play hut and trampolines. There is shade and places to sit.

The playground’s colourful design considers anyone who is visually impaired with the bright colours easy to see.

And skaters will be delighted with future plans to refurbish the skatepark which includes multiple skate options and new skate elements, with the upgrade programme due to start between July 2023 and June 2024.

Also open in Riverhead is a new play space at Point Drive which has a learn-to-ride path and playground for younger children.

And in the next few years, a new toilet block will be built at Deacon Point.

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