How your local parks and beaches are kept fresh, fun and accessible

Publish Date : 20 Apr 2023
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A lot happens behind the scenes to keep your favourite public spaces ready for you to enjoy and your local board plays a big part in making that happen.

Selwyn Reserve and Mission Bay beach is a popular destination for Aucklanders, especially during the summer months.

Ōrākei Local Board works with council’s parks and community facilities teams to keep the area “visitor-ready”, so that you can show up and make the most of it.

“We are extremely lucky that our local area has so many wonderful parks and beaches. We work hard to fund and maintain these jewels,” says Ōrākei Local Board Chair, Scott Milne.

“These are just a few of the elements that the local board’s work programme manages, to keep them in the best condition for your enjoyment.”

Check out these fun facts highlighting how some of your rates dollars are spent:

1 One beach mat is located on Mission Bay beach to provide access to the shore for wheelchair users.

Mission Bay beach mat

Mission Bay beach mat

2 – In peak season, rubbish is regularly collected from the bins and stored behind the kiosk for a compactor truck to clear the rubbish bags twice daily.

3 – During the summer months there are three foot orderlies who are dedicated to Mission Bay, picking up litter and emptying rubbish bins, they also make a note of any broken equipment so that it can be repaired.

Accessible picnic bench, Mission Bay

Accessible picnic bench, Mission Bay

6 – You can seat six people around Selwyn Reserve’s accessible picnic benches, suitable for wheelchair users. There are three within the park.

7Seven shade sails shelter the playground from sun to help prevent harmful rays reaching our tamariki as they play.

20 – There are roughly 20 pieces of play equipment in the playground at Selwyn Reserve, which was last upgraded in 2022.

Playground, Selwyn Reserve

Playground, Selwyn Reserve

21 – Grass in the park is mown on a three-week cycle (every 21 days).

37 – There are 37 lights and lamps in Selwyn Reserve to help guide your way in the evenings.

30,000 – It takes almost 30,000 litres of water to fill the iconic Trevor Moss Davis memorial fountain in Selwyn Reserve. Although it looks fun to have a splash in, keep your water activities to the sea.

Trevor Moss Davis memorial fountain

Trevor Moss Davis memorial fountain

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