Arts and community centres given funding boost

Last Updated : 22 May 2023
Arts funding

West arts organisations and community venues reliant on council funding to operate have been given a boost following a decision to allocate more than $437,000 towards operational costs by Henderson-Massey Local Board. 

Community venue partners with contracts set to expire this financial year have been extended for one year, while arts partners have been given funding to last for the first quarter of 2023/2024.  

The move means that the organisations and venues have clarity that services can continue while the board works through where its potentially reduced budget goes following the council’s annual budget process.  


Henderson-Massey Local Board Chair, Chris Carter says that the decision will mean the organisations have clarity, can plan for the short term and be reassured that the communities they serve will continue to benefit from the services they provide. 

“This interim measure will go a long way towards allowing some of these incredible organisations to continue to operate. 
“In many cases the funding that comes from the board is the difference between the doors opening or not. We recognise the importance of providing as much security as we can for them, to allow planning for the future, and for the services they provide to continue for the people who need it most," says Chris. 

“Henderson-Massey has a wide-ranging vibrant community, made up of many different cultures and ethnicities. The services these organisations provide simply aren’t found anywhere else and cater for an incredible range of needs.  

“We want these organisations to know that the board values them and that we are going to do all that we can to ensure the funding we get from the council in the next budget allows us to continue to support this really important work.”  

Funding support 

The board approved interim payments covering the first quarter of 2023/2024 be made to the following arts partners: 

Amount To
$​154,930.38 Waitākere Arts and Cultural Development Trust (Corban Estate Arts Centre)
$41,652.78 Pacifica Mamas’ Arts and Cultural Trust (Pacifica Arts Centre) 
$13,182.32 Waitākere Central Community Arts Council


It also approved Community Centre Management Agreements for a term beginning 1 July 2023 and ending 30 June 2024, with the associated funding: 

Amount To
$64,828.20 Glendene Community Society Incorporated to manage access and activation of Glendene Community Hub
$43,374 Sturges Community House Incorporated to manage access and activation of Sturges Community House
$58,436 Massey Matters to manage access and activation of Massey Community Hub
$64,893 Massey Matters to manage access and activation of Manutewhau - West Harbour Community Hub


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