Feedback on spending to counter crime

Publish Date : 02 May 2023

Business Associations should be allocated funding from the $2 million central government Local Crime Fund, according to Whau Local Board.

The Local Crime Fund is a one-off, $2 million central government allocation to Auckland Council for community safety and crime prevention initiatives. This can include youth interventions programmes, patrols, improved street lighting, CCTV cameras, and planters, as well as community development.

All 21 local boards are being asked for their views on their preferred option, and in its most recent business meeting, Whau Local Board agreed that the funding should be provided direct to local Business Associations.

“We already have existing relationships with local business associations who are heavily involved in crime prevention work,” says Kay Thomas, Whau Local Board Chair.

“For example, over the past year, Mainstreet / Avondale Business Association has funded the installation of CCTV cameras in Avondale town centre and Rosebank Business Association set up a crime prevention group, which is a collaboration of the RBA, relevant businesses, the police, and local board members.

“So, providing this funding direct would mean that the associations can continue the work that is already underway. It will also mean higher efficiency with low administration costs as well as accountability monitored via established processes.” she says.

What is the Local Crime Fund?

On 28 November 2022, the Prime Minister announced a multi-million-dollar funding package to address retail crime and reoffending throughout New Zealand.

From this, $2 million was granted to Auckland Council to support crime prevention and youth intervention programmes.

What happens next?

The feedback from local boards will inform a report to the Regulatory and Safety Committee to approve a decision, scheduled to be presented on 30 May 2023.

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