Board agreement delivers for Hibiscus and Bays

Publish Date : 13 Sep 2023
Board agreement delivers for Hibiscus and Bays
Ōrewa Library

Improvements to facilities, services and environmental activities in Hibiscus and Bays are set to receive a $29 million injection thanks to the local board.

More than $200,000 is set to go to the East Coast Bays Community Centre refurbishment, and $485,000 on the Ōrewa Library roof repair and extension along with several other projects and programmes.

Ensuring the library and community centre are fit for purpose and available to the community for many more years, has led to their inclusion for the financial year 2023-24.

Adopted by the board at its business meeting in June, the local board agreement sets out key priorities for funding during the next 12 months.

A total of $21.6 million has been allocated to Hibiscus and Bays facilities, services and environmental activities this financial year with a further $7.4 million going towards capital investment in the area.

Board chair Gary Brown is grateful for the budget’s record-breaking levels of feedback which has helped shape the agreement and work programme.

“We would like to thank everyone who gave feedback on the services and activities that are important to them.

“It’s been tough with the devastating weather events and financial constraints, but your feedback has helped immensely.

“We want to meet our community’s needs as best we can, and that includes storm recovery, so we hope that our programmes and services reflect this.”

This investment means a range of customer, community services and environment activities will be delivered this financial year, including:

  • East Coast Bays Community Centre, design and planning - $159,724 and refurb - $50,000 (construction follows in 2024/2025)
  • Ōrewa Library, detailed design and consenting - $485,481 (construction follows in 2024/2025)
  • Mairangi Food and Wine Festival, Rodders Beach Festival, Ōrewa signature events, Sir Peter Blake Regatta, santa parades and ANZAC Day commemorations - $115,800
  • Remediate storm and cyclone affected assets - $200,000
  • Storm recovery project to be scoped - $100,000
  • Restore Hibiscus and Bays - $135,150

“We are committed to the library and community centre projects. These facilities have been described as the beating heart of our community as they provide free reading, learning opportunities and connection,” says Brown.

Along with funding allocated to Ōrewa Library and East Coast Bays Community Centre, are iconic local events taking place across the local board area such as the Rodders Festival, Mairangi Food and Wine Festival and santa parades.

Elsewhere, environmental initiatives such as Restore Hibiscus and Bays (an umbrella network that supports environmental restoration groups), community planting, annual pest plant and animal control, local park clean ups and environmental education programmes are supported.

Also funded will be an environmental programme to help with storm recovery which council staff will develop with local board input as well as funding for council assets damaged in the cyclone and storms.

Chair Gary Brown says the local board has been working hard over several months to get the right balance of projects that benefit residents and fit the funding available.

The board’s agreement and work programmes are available online.

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