Feedback final call: Mairangi Bay Reserves review

Publish Date : 25 Sep 2023
Feedback final call: Mairangi Bay Reserves review

Residents have until Sunday 1 October to give their views on a variation to the 2015 Mairangi Bay Reserves Management Plan.

A shoreline management report provides new evidence about the impact of coastal hazards on the Mairangi Bay reserves and mitigation options that are available.

Hibiscus and Bays Local Board deputy chair Julia Parfitt says with several changes taking place on the reserves, it’s time to update the concept plan in the existing management plan.

“The surf lifesaving club, beach seawall, Montrose Terrace and car parking are all within the coastal erosion zone shown in the report and are at risk from extreme coastal inundation and sea level rises over time.

“The existing management plan already outlines how Montrose Terrace, and the car park can be shifted inland from its current location.

“And Watercare are upgrading the wastewater pump station, which is being located further along Sidmouth Street.”

The report recommends moving the surf club building and storage away from the shoreline which is highly prone to erosion.

The surf club’s lease of the reserve land is up for renewal, and it’s time for feedback about the club’s future location.

With the seawall reaching the end of its life, there could, over time, be an opportunity to create a more natural beach system and a larger recreation area.

“We want people to think carefully about how they use the reserves, what they don’t want changed, the configuration of the reserves and the location of future infrastructure so that the concept plan can be updated with this information,” Parfitt says.

The existing Mairangi Bay Reserves Management Plan, the Mairangi Bay Shorelines Management Options report and feedback form are available online at

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