Rodney benefits from multi-million-dollar programmes

Publish Date : 20 Sep 2023
Rodney benefits from multi-million-dollar programmes

A total of $14.4 million will go towards Rodney facilities, services and environmental activities this financial year.

Rodney Local Board recently approved operational spending for work across parks, recreation facilities, community and environmental projects for the benefit of its local community. A further $10.2 million was allocated towards capital investment in the area.

Board Chair Brent Bailey says the programmes’ activities align with the 2020 local board plan outcomes of environmental protection, community resilience, and developing parks and recreation facilities to meet growth needs.

“Community feedback on the budget strongly supported ecological restoration projects, library services, community grants, and hall subsidies which helped prioritise these services.

“We have carefully reviewed our programmes and services to ensure we meet community’s needs as best we can, and we have listened to feedback on what their priorities are."

This funding means a range of customer, community services and environment activities will be delivered this financial year, including:

  • Restore Rodney East Facilitator, Pest Free Coatesville, Rodney West Coordinators, Shorebirds Trust Coordinator - $158,000
  • Helensville construction and demolition waste minimisation programme – $20,000
  • Local Crime Prevention Fund, safety initiatives investment - $67,591
  • Support and activation of community centres and halls – $85,000
  • Increase physical activity and access to play for children and young people

Pest control and large-scale community restoration activities take place throughout Rodney and it’s the facilitators and co-ordinators who help groups collaborate and achieve predator free goals.

Te Arai Shorebirds Trust are setting up a predator control zone from Mangawhai to Pākiri to act as a buffer for Tara Iti Wildlife Sanctuary and Te Arai Regional Park. They aim to provide coastal protection for shorebirds and a breeding habitat for the critically endangered fairy tern. Funding is for a co-ordinator to assist with community engagement, landowners’ permissions and trap installations.

Among the many planned activities in the workstream is funding for community centres and halls.

“We are keen to support an activator role to work across several of our community venues, promote a wide range of activities to help establish well-used community spaces.

“Now that the funding is locked in, we are supporting a wide range of activities and initiatives that will benefit Rodney residents. We hope the work being delivered will have a positive impact on our community and make a huge difference to people’s lives.” says Bailey.

More information about all the work programmes can be found here.

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