Storm affected properties webinar breaks records

Last Updated : 15 Nov 2023

Auckland Council hosted its largest ever webinar on 5 September with over 700 people attending the storm affected properties webinar.

If you missed it, you could watch the webinar recording instead. The recording has been upgraded with chapters, just click on the red digital slider to jump to topics of interest. The presenter’s slides can now be viewed while you watch, and they are also available to print or download here.

The event was designed for Auckland homeowners whose property or neighbourhood was impacted by severe weather in early 2023. The webinar kicked off with Deputy Mayor, Desley Simpson, giving a heartfelt address to the people of Auckland.

A panel of experts shared the latest information on:

  • Flood affected land
  • Placards
  • Property categorisation
  • Future flood mitigation
  • The home buyout scheme
  • Support

“The topics are complex, so the purpose of the webinar was to explain things in a way that’s easy to understand. We used questions submitted by the audience during the registration process to create content for the presentation. Our priority was to give our audience exactly what they need,” says Group Recovery Manager, Mat Tucker.

The panel was inundated with live questions during the webinar. Feedback from those who attended was positive, "Your team has been amazing, the webinar last week was so helpful" said a North Shore resident. 

“Some homeowners are feeling unsettled about what the future holds, which is understandable. I hope the webinar provided some clarity on the way forward,” says Mr Tucker.

Further support

If you’ve watched the webinar and you’ve still got questions about storm damaged properties, the information below will point you in the right direction.

  • Read our frequently asked questions document. This is a good place to start as it includes answers to our most common queries relating to remediation, buyouts, placards, property categorisation and more.

  • If you want to understand how property categorisation works, we’ve got a handy video and article that explains it all.

If you have a property that you believe needs to be categorised as part of the assessment process, and you haven't already completed the flooding and landslide registration form, go online here.

Email if you’re a storm affected property owner and want to discuss support options for mental health, finance, insurance or accommodation.

If your storm damaged property question doesn’t fit into any of the scenarios above, then email your question to

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