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Last Updated : 25 Oct 2023
Slip Resource
PFK's slip restoration resource is available on their website.

Kaipātiki locals are getting access to knowledge and resources to safely help the area recover from slip damage thanks to workshops and resources developed by Pest Free Kaipātiki (PFK) with support from the local board.

Over 115 people have attended the workshops this year which were created to meet demand from Kaipātiki community members keen to help repair the extensive slip and track damage that hit the area during the early 2023 storms.

Local board chair John Gillon says the board has been impressed by the keenness of Kaipātiki locals to help the area recover.

“Kaipātiki volunteers have been amazing this year and the board is happy to help support PFK in the work they do to help community members make a positive impact on our environment.”

PFK Senior Restoration Advisor, Fiona Smal explains that through the workshops, attendees have received in-person support and advice on what they can do to remediate slip damage once essential geotechnical and stormwater reports are completed.

A show of hands for those who had experienced slips at PFK's first slip workshop on 31 March 2023.

A show of hands for those who had experienced slips at PFK's first slip workshop on 31 March 2023.

The team has created a step-by-step resource available on the PFK website that includes detailed planting lists and information about weed control and seed scattering for helping slip restoration.

“The idea with the resource is for people to get the right information all in one place, as slip-specific information is difficult to come by for the average homeowner or volunteer. It also gave us another chance to reiterate that people need to prioritise Geotechnical advice before they took any steps,” Smal explains.

In the coming months, PFK will be working with the community to plant and document demonstration sites to display techniques, growth characteristics and track progress so everyone can learn.

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