Opening up Studios in the Waitākere Ranges

Publish Date : 28 Nov 2023
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What do we talk about when we talk about the Waitākere Ranges? Beautiful subtropical rainforest, rugged ranges, and how this special part of Auckland is bursting with artistic talent and creativity.

More than 40 artist studios in the Waitākere Ranges recently opened their doors to the public during the annual Open Studios Waitākere weekend, supported by Waitākere Ranges Local Board.

The weekend provided the opportunity to meet local artists, see art in action, purchase local artwork and learn about the creative process. The artists who took part in the event this year included former board member Steve Tollestrup, Julia Marin, Tristan Marler, Janel Reid, Dean Buchanan, Monique Endt, Hayden Scott, Melissa Hastings, among others.

Waitākere Ranges Local Board chair Greg Presland is delighted to see the event went well.

“The board has proudly supported the event since it was relaunched in 2015.

“Over the years we have seen it grow, as well as adapt to the challenges that we have faced in recent times. The event continues to support artists involved and provide a now well-known event on the arts calendar. As a board, we're dedicated to supporting our local arts and artists to flourish and getting more people to know about the fantastic talent living in our area.

Presland was also impressed with the number of new participating artists.

“We were thrilled to have a record number of new artists involved this year, including 12 new artists who opened up their studios over the weekend.

“Some of the artists, for instance Dean Buchanan and Monique Endt, are well-known and have been prolific in the local arts scene for decades. Others are less well-known or just starting up but their art is in many cases just as vibrant and engaging as their more well-known counterparts.

“There are artists who have achieved international recognition for their art that call the Waitākere Ranges home. Colin McCahon, Dean Buchanan, Ann Robinson, John Edgar, Judy Miller, and Len Castle—these are artists of different disciplines that have found inspiration in the local beauty. The participants in Open Studios may include the next McCahon or Robinson or Castle or Edgar or Miller.

If you missed the event this year, please keep an eye on the Open Studios Waitākere official website and the official Facebook page too.

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