Te Kori Scott Point – a walk in the park

Publish Date : 20 Nov 2023
Te Kori Scott Point - a walk in the park
Students and their families walking on the new shared path for the first time.

School travel is easier and more fun for Scott Point students able to walk and cycle along a new route through Te Kori Scott Point.

Upper Harbour Local Board Chair Anna Atkinson says $700,000 board funding was used to construct a new cycleway and path linking Clark Road with Willowherb Lane and Joshua Carder Drive, enabling them to be built as part of the first stage of the park, which is currently under construction.

“We want children to travel safely to school and to cut down on car travel near the school. Active travel will be a real option for residents with shared paths also constructed along both sides of Joshua Carder Drive and Craig’s Way. Being able to open part of the path network while the park is being built, has created a safe route for students and residents to enjoy.”

Construction has started on the park’s next stage which includes a second baseball diamond and a natural turf sports field. Sustainability features will include building innovative underground water storage crates for irrigation. A ‘blue-to-green’ system installed under the field can water the turf from the bottom up, through a wicking system.

The route allows access to Scott Point School from the carpark off Squadron Drive to Joshua Carder Drive south, and along the southern path between Clark Road and the accessway on Willowherb Lane.

Atkinson is concerned about the entrance off Clark Road and says the board is working with Auckland Transport to see if it can be made safer.

Park progress

Specimen trees and garden areas have been planted and the grassed areas are well established. Pohutukawa trees rescued from the city have been planted along the park’s central avenue along with an area for fruit trees.

Atkinson says, “The community planting day was a huge success with over 2,000 plants planted around the aquifer and the path linking to the Joshua Carder Drive extension.”

The two turf sports fields will be sown this summer, giving them time to grow and be ready for play next winter.

With the paths along the park’s southern boundary mostly complete, decorative concrete finishes and bird stencils are being laid at park entrances and path junctions. The carpark has been asphalted and surrounding gardens planted.

The Joshua Carder Drive and Craig’s Way extensions have been asphalted and streetlights installed. Work on a new roundabout to link the roads should be completed soon.

Opening date

The park is being built in stages as funding becomes available. The first stage includes two sports fields, one of two baseball diamonds, a carpark, a toilet and changing facility, and informal recreation areas and is expected to open next April.

For information about the project and to sign up for updates, visit the council website at aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

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