Homes at risk from future flooding and landslips urged to join categorisation programme

Publish Date : 28 Mar 2024
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Storm-affected homeowners will have until 30 September 2024 to opt-in to Auckland Council’s categorisation programme and have their home assessed for future flood or landslide risk.

On 28 March Auckland Council’s Governing Body confirmed the closing date, with the discretion to include other properties in extraordinary situations after this time.

“Despite some other regions closing their programmes last year, the Auckland programme has remained open to address the risk for as many residents as possible. But we need to ensure time to get all these homes through the process ahead of Crown partnership funding for Category 3 buy-outs ending on 30 June 2025.”

The categorisation programme is the pathway to a property buyout or identifying mitigations that can reduce risk to life from future severe weather events. The categorisation of individual properties also influences whether a community level solution is feasible to reduce risk at other homes in the area.

Mr Tucker says despite the challenges of categorising the 2600 homes already signed up, he is worried some homeowners may miss out altogether.

“Our programme is voluntary, but absolutely critical in helping people understand any future risks to life at their home. Moreso, where we do find a serious risk to life, there is support available. So, we’re surprised and concerned with the low uptake so far. Less than 40 per cent of the over 7000 at-risk homes we invited to join the scheme last year have taken up the offer."

Tucker explains that Auckland Council wants to hear from homeowners that suffered habitable floor flooding or didn’t have a safe evacuation route from the home in the storms last year, as this may indicate future risk to life at the property.

“Whether you live in the home or are a landlord, this is about future safety and peace of mind. We’ve been reaching out to target homeowners and will continue to do so over the next few months. But, ultimately, it is up to homeowners to take the first step."

The Recovery Office will be intensifying its engagement with at-risk property owners, including additional face to face engagement and advertising, alongside working with insurers, property managers, and other partners to encourage programme registrations.

Homeowners can sign up to the categorisation programme via the online registration form at, or reach out to us at

A range of related support services are available for affected homeowners and tenants including temporary accommodation, insurance, legal, financial, wellbeing, grocery and furniture assistance. Get in touch with one of our storm recovery navigators by filling in the online referral form, emailing or phoning 09 884 2070.

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