Old quarry now diving duck haven

Publish Date : 06 Mar 2024
Maungarei Springs

To celebrate Parks Week we’re highlighting one of our many wonderful parks and reserves in the Ōrākei Local Board area: Maungarei Springs Wetland Reserve.

The reserve in Stonefields is located around three large ponds and used to be part of an old quarry.

Featuring raised boardwalks and free gas barbecues for public use, this spot is perfect for a stroll and a picnic.

“We think we have the best parks in the whole city,” states Ōrākei Local Board chair Scott Milne with a smile.

“In our area, many generations have invested in thoughtfully planned purchase, development and improvement; and this board intends to continue doing just that.”

Birdwatchers can look out for Papango (New Zealand Scaup) – New Zealand’s only diving duck, as well as Kawaupaka (Little Shag), Matuku moana (White-faced Heron) and other birdlife.

These birds aren’t scared of water, making this park ideal to visit rain or shine. Zip up your raincoat for wet weather, or pop on a sunhat if it’s sunny as the walking tracks don’t have a lot of shade.

If you’re bringing a doggy companion, remember to keep them on-leash the whole time to help protect the wildlife.

There are also plenty of native plants, and council’s parks team works hard to keep weeds and pest plants under control.

“Maungarei Springs is a great example of a tranquil reserve nestled in a growing neighbourhood, where humans can get away from the hustle and bustle,” says local board member Angus McPhee who is the board’s parks portfolio lead.

“Nature has been reinstated into the landscape here and is flourishing.”

Other amenities at the park include public toilets, picnic tables and a drinking fountain.

The walking path is suitable for most abilities, with just a few stairs near the Kauriki Terrace entrance.

For those wanting a slightly more serious walk, the nearby Stonefields Heritage Trail makes a great add-on to the wetlands walk and offers a fantastic bird’s eye view over Maungarei Springs.

View of Maungarei Springs from Stonefields Heritage Trail

View of Maungarei Springs from Stonefields Heritage Trail

There are two main entrances to Maungarei Springs Wetland Reserve, one on Kauriki Terrace, and the other on Tephra Boulevard in Stonefields.

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