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Community 11 May 2016

Teaching dog safety in schools

Animal management officer Janet Larsen explains how the 'A Dog's Story' app is being used to teach dog safety in schools.

Dogs 6 May 2016

Menacing dog amnesty reaches major milestone

A major milestone has been reached in a bid to get menacing dogs in Auckland registered, de-sexed and micro-chipped.

Dogs 29 Apr 2016

Watch: More than 120 owners register menacing dogs

A week after the announcement of an amnesty for menacing dogs, more than 120 dogs have already been registered.

Beaches 29 Apr 2016

Manukau Harbour home to many gems

With 520km of coastline, the Manukau Harbour is New Zealand’s second biggest harbour. It’s also home to many hidden gems which are well worth a visit while summer is still with us.

Dogs 26 Apr 2016

What is a 'menacing dog'?

The Dog Control Act (1996) automatically classifies four breeds (Brazilian Fila, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa and Perro de Presa Canario) and one type (American Pit Bull Terrier) as menacing dogs, no matter how they behave individually.

Dogs 26 Apr 2016

Menacing Dogs Amnesty puts the bite on pit bulls

Council's Menacing Dogs Amnesty runs until 30 June to reduce dog-related harm.

Dogs 26 Apr 2016

Dog safety app educates children

Auckland Council's world-first dog safety smartphone app is an important educational tool to help keep children safe around dogs.

Dogs 22 Apr 2016

Herald has part to play in keeping community safe from dogs

Councillor Calum Penrose calls on the New Zealand Herald to help make Auckland a safer city.