Emergency Recovery

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Emergency Recovery 16 Aug 2023

Free support for processing home insurance claims

If you would like support and advice on your residential home insurance claim, the New Zealand Claims Resolutions Service (NZCRS) can help.  

Emergency Recovery 16 Aug 2023

Property categorisation explainer

Extreme weather in 2023 damaged many homes across Tāmaki Makaurau, and we are working to place properties into three categories, based on a new Government risk framework

Council news 14 Aug 2023

Auckland Council provides update on risk categorisation process

Auckland Council is making progress on complex risk categorisation process for flood affected properties.

Emergency Recovery 9 Aug 2023

First funding round for the Auckland Together Fund closes soon

The first funding round for the Auckland Together Fund, of which Auckland Council is a partner, is closing on Friday 11 August.

Council news 3 Aug 2023

Auckland Council makes it easier to access flood data

Understanding the flood risk for your property has become simpler thanks to a new online tool launched by Auckland Council.

Emergency Recovery 1 Aug 2023

Rates relief to support Aucklanders in need

Auckland Council decided on 27 July to support residents in need with 100 per cent rates relief for uninhabited storm damaged homes, following severe weather events in the first half of 2023. 

Council news 25 Jul 2023

Cost of flooding and cyclone events could hit $4 billion

Initial estimates of costs associated with the flooding and cyclone events of early 2023 could be as high as $4 billion once broader climate resilience costs are taken into account.

Emergency Recovery 13 Jun 2023

Auckland Council engagement with high risk properties starts this week

Auckland Council will begin engagement this week with the owners of residential properties affected by this year’s extreme weather events and those considered most at risk of further weather events.