Save our backyard bird song

It’s a risky business for our native birds to move about the region but there is a plan to make it safer. Pest Free Auckland focuses on the suppression of pest animals and plants to create a secure environment for our wildlife to thrive. Together we can save our backyard birdsong.

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Environment 30 Oct 2019

Kauri compliance high but locals their own worst enemy

Auckland Council compliance officers were out in force over the weekend, watching for people breaking the rules around the use of closed tracks and putting kauri at risk.

Environmental Heroes 23 Oct 2019

Spot A Native Bird Competition Winners

Take a look at the winning entries to our photo competition and find out how you can protect our native birds.

Environmental Heroes 21 Oct 2019

Motuihe Island – pest free since 2005

Meet the Motuihe Trust, community volunteers who have been working hard to keep the island pest free since 2005.

Environmental Heroes 10 Oct 2019

How to attract birds to your garden

Check out these easy tips to make your garden a top destination for New Zealand birds.

Environmental Heroes 9 Oct 2019

Quiz: Can you guess our native trees from a single leaf?

Take this quiz and find out how many native trees you can identify from just a single leaf.

Environment 30 Sep 2019

Rats go nuts for peanut butter

A new twist on trapping will see pests go nuts over peanut butter.

Community 23 Sep 2019

Franklin's pests in firing line

Predator Free Franklin has won a Mayoral Conservation Award.

Community 20 Sep 2019

Conservation heroes honoured at Mayoral Awards

Everyday environmental heroes doing good!