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Funding for Whau environmental projects announced

Published: 10 July 2019

Fourteen environmental projects in the Whau have received a boost following the allocation of $243,960 in funding for the 2019/20 financial year.

The projects are focused on improving water quality, biodiversity and promoting low carbon living.

They will be run by community organisations, and the funding includes $108,960 for EcoMatters Environment Trust as part of a three-year contract with the organisation. The funding is part of the Whau Local Board work programme, which sets out investment levels for the financial year.

Environmental work

Tracy Mulholland, Chair of Whau Local Board says that the environment is one of the top concerns for the board.

“For some time, we have supported the people of the Whau actively engaging in environmental work, through projects and programmes that have had really good environmental outcomes.

“We also agree with the recent Auckland Council declaration of a climate emergency and are determined to play our part tacking this issue through our priorities.

“So that’s one of the reasons that we are delighted to be able to provide this funding. It’s a substantial amount of money going towards impacting the places that we live in the best possible way.”


Damon Birchfield, CEO of EcoMatters Environment Trust welcomed the funding. “We’re delighted that, thanks to Whau Local Board, this funding will mean we can continue to build on the environmental work already underway in Whau.”  

Funded projects

  • Whau environmental assistance programme
  • Healthy rentals
  • Low Carbon Network
  • Home energy advice in the Whau
  • Friends of Oakley Creek restoration project
  • Industrial Pollution Prevention Programme Rosebank Road phase two
  • Household and communities engagement: ethnic communities engagement
  • Manukau Harbour Forum.

EcoMatters Environment Trust projects

  • EcoMatters Sustainability Hub Activation
  • Bike hub (Whau)
  • EcoWest Festival
  • EcoMatters Environment Centre and Sustainability Hub
  • Love Your Neighbourhood
  • Project HomeWise.


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