MOTAT's flying boats on the move

Last Updated : 20 Sep 2017

The magnificent flying boats at MOTAT (The Museum of Transport and Technology) are on the move.

A team of employees, volunteers and contractors spent days in the museum's Aviation Display Hall bringing the newly painted Sunderland indoors, and moving the Solent 'Aranui' outside for further restoration works and painting.

The long-term objective is to see the Sunderland and the Solent housed together under the same roof.

MOTAT chief executive Michael Frawley says it's a significant moment for the museum.

"The Sunderland was donated to MOTAT in 1967 but this is the first time in 50 years we've been able to house her inside so it's a very special day for MOTAT and those connected with the plane," he says.

The Sunderland is one of only of its kind in the world to retain its original military configuration.

Earlier this year, MOTAT restored and repainted the exterior of the aircraft.

This is a job that was only possible with the tireless efforts of employees, volunteers, and contractors.

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